5 Signs That She Is No Longer Interested In You

Figuring out a woman can sometimes be more difficult than figuring out your daily crosswords. So, it is no surprise that in a relationship, a guy sometimes has no clue what the girl actually wants. Instead of directly talking about the issue, they just drop some signs here and there, telling you how they actually feel. While some relationships are meant to last for a lifetime, we will have to admit that a majority of them just don't make it. And figuring out if a girl's still interested in you is not a tough task, you just need to know how to pick up the signs and assess them. And here are few signs that will tell you when it is time to back off:

1. She is avoiding you:

This is the best way to tell if your girl has already moved on from you. During the early stage of relationship she just couldn't wait to spend time with you and even if you were not together you would always text each other. But now she rarely even picks up your call. And every time you ask her for a date, she gives some excuse telling how busy she is. Remember that if someone is too busy to even take your call it is because they just don't want to talk to you.

2. Her body language is too alien to you:

A woman always speaks more through her body than she does with her words. If lately she has tried to be distant from you, there is surely something wrong. If she doesn't hold your hand any more, or finds ways to be just away from you, then things are definitely not working the way you expected them to. And she even avoids talking about how her day has been. She is cutting you both emotionally and physically from her life, asking you to just back off.

3. Gets irritated at small things she once loved:

The little things that she once loved about you, now just ticks her off. May be these are big things like your drinking problem or a minor thing about the way you part your hair, almost everything that she adored in the past now annoys her to a point where she cannot take it any more. And it is not her fault, we all know that sometimes two people are just not meant to be. 

4. No future talk:

She just does not talk about your future together any more. It doesn't matter if you have already planned your wedding and children together. She just doesn't seem to be too much into the whole of sharing the future with you. So, any attempt you make, she will just shut you off by saying that she is not just ready for such a big commitment or she is just too busy with her career to even stop and think about the future right now. the truth is, she does think about the future she just doesn't want you to be a part of it

5. She talks about other guys: 

she talks about other guys and shows an overt interest. She might have initiated contact with an ex or might spend a lot of her time with a friend. A lady who is interested in you will be paying attention to you. And the only reason she has all other boys in mind is because she is not interested in you.


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