12 Authentic Reasons :Why You Should Date A Punjabi Girl?

Let's have a look at why Punjabi women are so awesome. And I only know this because I've been staying amongst them my whole life. So boys, if you do have a punjabi girlfriend, or are even in the early stages of your courtship with her, read these points to appreciate the positive qualities about Punjabi women that most other women might not have. And even if you have a Punjabi girl who's just a friend, well, this applies to her as well.

1. They are just beautiful, hayeee! kinni soni hai!

2. Haye, kinni soni hai!
She has gorgeous genes just as proper patola. Proper dressing with amazing face and hairstyles.

2. Foodie. Yes guys, food!

1. Food. Yes, yes guys, food!
Not only is your woman a foodie, she doesn't have hang ups about dieting or calories (neither does her family). Butter chicken, butter naan, sarson da saag and maki di roti, hayyeee.

3. Punjabi Marriages.

14. Punjabi Marriages.
A Punjabi wedding is something you must witness atleast once. The food, daru, music, along with the auncles and aunties, is always a grand event. (No, this is Not a reference to the Punjabi wedding shown in 2 states movie) And since somebody or the other is always getting married in their family, your girl will make sure she takes you to such a celebration.

4. It's time for an adventure!

13. It's time for an adventure!
They love exploring new things. Be ready to have a new adventure everyday. They just don't care about weather or place take her anywhere for rocking adventure she will be with you.

5. They are so curvy and perfect.

15. Lak is twenty-eight, and 47 weight? NO!
They don't care about what to eat and don't think of dieting and still they are so curvy. Not to stereotype anybody or the world , and with all respect to women, Punjabi women have curves, and it's something that they ARE, and SHOULD BE, very proud of.

6. Enjoy every moment like nobody else.

12. Kudi Saturday, Saturday kr di rendi hai
Your girl loves to let her hair loose and enjoy the moment like there's nobody else and there is no tomorrow. They just want to go with the wave. kudi saturday saturday kar di rendi hae.

7. She's a large hearted girl as well.

11. She's a large hearted girl as well.
She's going to shower you with gifts and love. Money for them is not a priority like every usual girl. If they are yours they will love to see you happy and will do anything for you for just and only just your happiness guys.

8. They are straight forward with the Punjabi tune.

10. Punjabi's speak from their hearts.
.She's going to be straight forward with you, so forget beating around the bush. If she mean NO then it actually a no. No hard playing around her.

9. Punjabi kudi is a true fighter.

9. Boys, your woman is a true fighter.

Maa di$$$$ Phen Di $$$$ they are just woohoowooo. Punjabi girls have a warrior's blood in them. This does not mean she's going to beat you up. It just means that she's a strong girl, she won't give up easily and it will take a lot to break her down from within.

10. She could show some nakhre! thats the inbuilt swag!

8. Proper Patola, Nakhra Ae Swag.
She's independent, she knows what she wants, and she knows how she's going to get it. 

11. Punjabi Families

7. Punjabi Families
The dad will open up his best scotch for you. The mother will serve you more, well, food. Punjabi families are some of the most open minded, and fun families to be around. Ok now lets Chak De Phatte. dhol waleo dhol bajao!

12. Best bhangra they do!

6. Balle balle, shava shava!
Punjabi music and dance is not only limited to Yo Yo Honey Singh, rather the Punjabi cultural is very rich. Means you shall be jiggy-ing to awesome music and songs all the time with proper balle balle shawa shawa! buurrrraaaah!


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